Friday, February 12, 2016

Hey everyone!
Its been a while since I posted anything up. Sorry about that! I got so busy with university and it got quite hard for me to keep up!
Anyway, this post has been long awaited and I can't believe I'm finally getting to post it!
Today, I will be reviewing an online store called Born Pretty Store that reached out to me a couple months ago.
They sent me a brush set as well as 2 matte liquid lipsticks.
  1. BRUSH SET: This brush set is amazing! It's a 20 piece brush set that goes for $6.99 and honestly, for that price, they're up there! They don't shed, some are great for applying eyeshadow, and some of them can be used for contour and concealer. My favourite from the set is the small angled brush. I use it to apply my eyebrow powder, and I love the way it shapes my eyebrows! 

       2. 2 MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICKS: I got 2 liquid lipsticks, cause you know how much I love lip products. I got the shade numbers 22 and 2. They are both $2! One is a pink rosy shade and the other is a dark pink berry colour. I love the second one since it does suit my complexion a bit better. The coverage is amazing, however there are 2 things I don't quite like about it. First of all it does not dry to matte. It has that tacky feeling to it, which I do not like! You could apply some translucent powder to it if you want to mattify it though. I also don't like the smell to it. It kinda smells like paint and that is what turns me off from wearing it a lot!

These two products literally costs about $12!
That is quite a bargain, especially for the brushes.
For those of you who are thinking of checking out www., then don't worry I got ya'll with a 10% discount! Just put in the code AMMH10 for that discount.
They sell makeup, clothing, accessories and much more with free shipping worldwide.
You can also click on the image above to check out their website.
Thank you all for reading this post and I hope you liked it!
Let me know if  you're thinking of getting anything from them.
I wanted to end it with a beautiful sunset I took a picture of in front of my house. 
The sky was on fire.. beautiful.
Love you lots!