Friday, October 2, 2015

Hello Everyone!
Today I decided to write a "What's in my Bag" post. My friend actually recommended this post to me and she reminded me how much I loved watching and reading What's in my Bag posts! We all have a curious side to us to know what others have in their bags, especially me. So, I decided to do one myself.


I always change the bags I use but I am currently LOVING the Tommy Hilfiger purse. It's small, light and beautiful, of course.  It fits all the necessities I need when I'm out and it's size makes it easy to carry it around.


These are the sunglasses I always carry around with me. I think I talked about them in another post but I just love these. They're light and really easy to store. Perfect for everyday use.


Well, it's a pen. Nothing interesting about that!


I've currently been obsessed with Salvatore Ferragamo's Perfume called Signorina. I currently carry the body lotion with me wherever I go and I spray some of the perfume on me before I leave. It has such an amazing scent. I'm not really good at describing scents but it has a strong floral scent. I just love it.


I just found this purse lying in the house and so I decided to use it for carrying loose change or important receipts. The main reason I use it is cause of its colour. I've been loving caramel and beige colours these days.

GUESS Wallet:

This has been my go to wallet for a long time. I love the size and it fits all of my important stuff perfectly. Again, the colour tells you why I just HAD to get it!


I carry a small purse around with me that has basic makeup essentials like mascara, lipstick and setting powder. I know it seems like I don't need 3 mascaras but I honestly need to learn how to pack light! From the picture, I have the MAC, Maybelline and Loreal Mascara. I also carry the New Maybelline Lipstick which I will be writing a review on since these are hands down, the best matte lippies Maybelline came out with. I also have the Sephora, Vasanti, and Mac Lipsticks in my bag as well. Lastly, I am also carrying my MAC concealer, Vasanti Foundation and Maybelline Setting Powder. Oops, I forgot to mention my little sharpener as well!

Well, thats it for this post!
I hoped you enjoyed reading it and I'd love to hear what you keep in your bags/purses.
Love you lots!

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  1. I normally keep a little emergency bag with : deodorant, makeup wipes ,concealer, lipstick , spare hair bands and a mini comb along with a mirror :)
    - http://minalousha.blogspot.co.uk/