Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A few days ago, I went shopping with my family and we stopped by the MAC Store to pick up a few lipsticks and other items we needed. I decided to try out one of their mascaras since I never bought one from MAC before. I picked up the MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara which was $20CAD and after applying it a few times, it's become one of my favourite mascaras.

This is an amazing mascara. It lengthens and separates beautifully! No clumping and no smudging whatsoever. The brush is slim and gets every single lash. I do 2 coats which is enough to give your lashes a beautiful defining effect. If you are looking for more volume though, I wouldn't go this route. Length and definition is what it does! All in all, I would definitely recommend this mascara to those looking to try out a MAC mascara.

I hope you enjoyed my review! Please leave a comment below as to what your favourite mascara is!
Love you lots.


  1. I've not tried a single MAC mascara which is crazy! My favourite at the moment is Maybelline Lash sensation and as always Mac's They're Real! x

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    1. You should definitely go pick up one! I haven't tried those two but I'm willing to pick one up and give it a go!
      Thanks for commenting!